How much do guinea pigs cost?

Guinea pigs don’t have to be expensive, but you should be prepared for a cost. Here’s a rough estimate of everything you’ll need.

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$0-100 – Depending on the breed and location, guinea pigs can cost up to $100 per animal at the initial purchase. (see “Where can I get guinea pigs?”)

$25-100 – Cage (see “What size cage should guinea pigs have?”)

$0-15 – Water bottle/bowl (see “Should I use a water bowl or bottle?”)

$10-30 – Hideys. At least one per pig. Bonus points if there are two doors!

$0-15 – Pellet bowl. Choose a wide, shallow bowl with thick rims.

$0-10 – Nail clippers (see “Help! I’m scared to cut my guinea pig’s nails.)



$10-50 – Bedding. Guinea pig fleece bedding has a large upfront cost, but can be reused. Disposable bedding is cheaper, but you have to buy it every month. (see “What kind of bedding should I use?”)

$5-15 – Pellets. Each pig needs approx ⅛ cup of timothy hay based pellets a day. It takes me about 2 months to finish a 10 pound bag for 4 guinea pigs.

$20-40 – Fresh veggies. Each pig eats 1-2 cups of fresh veggies a day. (See “Am I feeding my guinea pig enough?”

$20-50 – Hay. Guinea pigs need unlimited hay to snack on 24/7. You can buy small bags online or in a chain pet store. If you have a local animal feed store nearby, you can buy a bale of hay for cheap, which will last months! (see “What hay should I use?”)

$0-10 – Enrichment & chew toys. DIY cardboard toys and edible hay balls are favorites!



$60-200+ – Vet bills. Call your local exotic vet to ask how much a wellness check and other services would cost.


Discover more about what is involved with guinea pig care.

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