What hay should I use?

Hay is 80% of a guinea pig’s diet. They should have access to a large pile of it 24/7 because it keeps their digestive system moving and their teeth ground down.

Guinea pigs under 6 months and pregnant mothers should have alfalfa hay. It is high in calcium, which is what their bodies need at that time.

Guinea pigs over 6 months should have timothy hay. If you are allergic to timothy hay, there are alternatives you can use, like orchard hay.

You can buy hay in a small bag at most pet stores that sell guinea pig products, but you’ll get better value for your money by purchasing in bulk. I buy a 40 pound bale of hay from a local feed store or Tractor Supply Co. once every few months for the same price I can buy a medium sized bag of hay at a chain pet store.

If you don’t have access to one, there are several brands of hay to choose from.

Learn more about which brand of hay is the best.

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