Can I litter train guinea pigs?

Cats can be litter trained, so can rabbits… What about guinea pigs?

While guinea pigs can be trained to a certain degree, you cannot litter train a guinea pig completely. There will always be accidents, just less! Keep in mind that some guinea pigs are easier to train than others.

Guinea pigs like to eat and poop in the same place. It seems gross to humans, but it makes sense to your piggies! To eat or poop is to let their guard down so doing it at the same time works perfectly. The key to litter training your guinea pigs is to put all of their food in their litter box, this is called a guinea pig kitchen. This will catch a majority of the poop, but not all.

Make a guinea pig kitchen.

To make a guinea pig kitchen, you’ll need a large box-like container. Ideas could be low-walled disposable boxes, metal or glass baking pans, or you could even make or buy one out of coroplast. It should be big enough to put their hay rack or all of their hay inside.

How to train guinea pigs to use a litter box

After you put all of their hay in the kitchen, most guinea pigs will just start to poop wherever they are eating, but another way to help them learn is to put some of their poop into the kitchen with the hope that they recognize their scent. 


Any disposable bedding can be used as a litter in the guinea pig kitchen. I personally use paper pellets because they do not stick to my fleece bedding like wood or paper crumbles do. 

Benefits of litter training

By catching most of the poop, you can change the litter boxes more often than the bottom fleece liner. You also won’t have as much to spot clean every day either.

Cons of litter training

The guinea pig kitchen will not catch the poop they do in their hideys or randomly around the cage. Some people have tried putting their guinea pig kitchen under a fleece forest or a blanket to make it seem more like a hidey to catch more.

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