How to convince my parents to let me get guinea pigs?

So you want a guinea pig… but your parents say NO WAY! How can you convince them?

It’s really important that your parents are on board with guinea pigs as pets. If your guinea pigs ever need medical help or a new cage, it helps tremendously to have parents who want to help.

Be responsible

To convince your parents to let you get guinea pigs, you have to show them how responsible you are. Your parents don’t want to end up cleaning a cage that you promised to clean but are too busy to do. An idea to prove you are responsible is to make a deal with them. Maybe you keep your room clean for 3 months or if you volunteer to do the dishes for the month.

Do research

Impress them with your knowledge of guinea pigs. Research guinea pig care and give a presentation on everything you’ve learned! Maybe you can tell them the pros and cons of having guinea pigs, the importance of having two guinea pigs, and how often to clean their cage.

Make a budget

Pets cost money and your parents want to know how much. Write a budget and share how much it will cost for them to move in and how much it will cost every month. Here’s an example of a budget. You will need to adjust for the prices in your area.

Plan chores

Guinea pigs are a lot of work! Plan a chore chart so everyone knows how much work they will have to do to have a well-kept habitat. Here’s an example of chores

Still not working?

If your parents still do not want guinea pigs, you will want to respectfully ask them what their specific reasons are. Then you will research however they respond to give an answer. For example, if they are concerned about the smell, you can look up how to keep the guinea pig cage smell down. You’ll find that guinea pigs only smell if you don’t clean their cage. Maybe you can offer to clean their cage more often

Guinea pigs are for life.

Are you ready for guinea pigs? Bringing a pet into your home is getting a new family member. Their average life expectancy is 5-7 years. That’s a long time if you are still living at home! What will happen if you do sports, hobbies, or go to college? Guinea pigs need loving homes for life. Of course the future is never certain, but please consider the long term plan.

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