What do guinea pigs eat?


80% of their diet is hay. For guinea pigs over 6 months, timothy hay is a great choice. Baby and pregnant pigs can eat alfalfa hay. If you are allergic to the hay, there are other types of hay to try. Because they eat so much, you’ll want to buy the biggest bag available. You can also save some money by bulking in bulk at your local livestock feed store.

Hay-based pellets

Additionally, guinea pigs need approximately ⅛ cup of a hay-based pellet. Stay clear of any pellets that contain dried fruits, seeds, grain, or added sugar. Ideally, no soy either. 

Fresh produce

Finally, guinea pigs love their fresh veggies! They do not make their own vitamin C, so to prevent a deficiency, fresh veggies are the easiest and best way to get them their vitamin C! ¼ of a bell pepper contains all of their vitamin C for the day! Daily staples include lettuce (romaine, green leaf, red leaf), parsley, bell peppers. Guinea pig favorite foods


Like all animals, they need access to fresh water to drink. It does not matter whether you use a bowl or bottle. Should I use a water bowl or bottle?

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