Am I feeding my guinea pig enough?


Guinea pigs’ diet should be 80% hay. With them snacking at all times to keep their digestive system moving, that’s a lot of hay! Refill their hay as much as you can. If you are gone at school or work all day, give them extra big piles. You cannot feed too much hay.

Fresh produce

10-20% of their diet is fresh produce. Feed a good variety of daily staples and snacks, treats can be small or occasional. Favorite foods for guinea pigs

For reference, if you guinea pigs are done eating their veggies in less than 4-5 minutes, give them more. They should be munching on veggies no longer than 10 minutes.

About 3 large leaves of romaine lettuce and a piece of celery or some cherry tomatoes is considered a meal for two. A large bunch of parsley is a meal for two guinea pigs. You can find that amount once a day, or split up the portions into breakfast and dinner. Just be consistent so your guinea pigs know what to expect.

Do I feed too much? -LA Guinea Pig Rescue


Each guinea pig should eat about 1/8th cup of hay-based pellets each day, but do not panic if they eat more. You cannot overfeed your guinea pigs pellets (source: LA Guinea Pig Rescue, Scotty’s Animals). If each guinea pig is eating a ½ cup or more every day, there is something else going on that you should consult your vet about. 

Read the ingredients of your pellets. They should be hay-based and free from seeds, dried fruit, color additives, and fruit.

Do guinea pigs NEED pellets? – Scotty’s Animals

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