Common reasons guinea pigs are surrendered


The most common reason for guinea pig surrenders are allergies. Owners may not be aware of their allergies at first, or they can develop sensitivities. 

More work than expected

Pet store chains are either unaware or refuse to acknowledge the most recent research for guinea pigs. They constantly stock and recommend cages that are not even suitable as a temporary living habitat. Most of the supplies they sell are not healthy or safe for guinea pig use either. Yet, they train their employees to recommend these products for new owners. Customers come into the store, assuming that the pet store is a trusted source and walk away with a single guinea pig and inaccurate information. This often leads to owners becoming frustrated with their guinea pig’s health or learning that it is too much effort to keep alive.

Incorrectly sexed

It is very easy for guinea pigs to be incorrectly sexed. They can become pregnant as early as 3 weeks old! This leads to hundreds of pet store customers ending up with several more guinea pigs than they expected and cannot take care of them.

Life happens

Unexpected bills, job loss, moving, life updates. Sometimes what was once in your budget is no longer feasible and changes need to be made. 

Guinea pigs and other small animals are often forgotten, dismissed as “cheap pets”, “just rodents”, “small pests”. Every animal, whether big or small, deserves to be treated humanely. Unwanted guinea pigs are surrendered to shelters not equipped for keeping small animals, let loose on the side of the road, or posted online where snake owners are looking for cheap, live food.

Before making a commitment to a pet, make sure you do lots of research so you are prepared for everything.

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