What pellets should I buy?

Most guinea pig pellets at the pet store are not healthy for guinea pigs. Take time to read the ingredients of any pellet before you buy.

If it looks good to you, it’s not good for them.

Pet food companies do not market their product to the animal, they market to humans. You’ll notice that a lot of guinea pig “food” looks like human cereal or trail mixes. They contain bright colors and fun shapes. That’s appealing to humans, not guinea pigs. 

Unhealthy and dangerous additives

Seeds are too fatty for guinea pigs and can get lodged in their throat. Avoid seeds in guinea pig food.

Dried fruit, while edible for guinea pigs, is condensed with sugar. Fruits should be fed occasionally as a treat, not part of their daily diet. Avoid dried fruit in guinea pig food.


Grain and soy are considered a filler in guinea pig pellets. It causes bloating and is suspected to be a contributing factor in stone formation. It is very difficult to find a guinea pig pellet free from fillers. You can do your own research on it to decide if you choose to use a pellet with grain or soy. Avoid fillers listed as the first 4-5 ingredients in guinea pig food.

Dishonest promises

Often corporations will litter their packaging with promises they can’t keep, or very cleverly worded sayings. “Recommended by vets” is similar to the claim that toothpaste companies make. How can every toothpaste brand claim that 9/10 dentists would choose their brand? Carefully worded surveys. Any exotic vet that works with guinea pigs often would never recommend most of the pellets with that claim.

Guinea pigs, like humans, cannot make vitamin C. They get that from their veggies, but corporations love to claim that their product is a “good source of vitamin C.” Unfortunately they always leave out that vitamin C deteriorates in light and heat. By the time your bag reaches your guinea pig, I have a hard time believing that your guinea pigs are receiving vitamin C from their baked pellets. Instead, stick with fresh veggies as the best source to give them vitamin C. Learn more about guinea pigs and vitamin C

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