What if my guinea pigs don’t eat veggies?

It’s common for guinea pigs purchased at a pet store to not eat veggies because they are fed little to none from the breeding facility to the store. Fresh veggies are 10-20% of a guinea pig’s diet so it’s important that they start to eat it.

  1. Try hiding pieces of veggies in their hay or putting a piece of lettuce inside their hidey overnight. Usually they get so curious that they take a nibble. You could also try a variety of vegetables to see what smells good to them if they don’t like the first one. Guinea pig favorite food list.
  2. They might not be eating veggies because it’s too scared or another guinea pig never taught it “how to guinea pig.” It is always recommended to have more than one guinea pig. They should never be alone.

If your guinea pig was previously eating vegetables and has suddenly refused food, please go to the vet ASAP. 

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