What is #SeasonOfGuinea?

The holiday season is a wonderful time to spread joy, cheer, and generosity. While we search for the perfect present for our family, friends, or pets… Don’t forget about the guinea pigs in rescues or the kindhearted people who take care of them every day!

December is the Season of Guinea (aha, see what I did there? Season of giving… guinea pig… *wink*).

I encourage you to find a guinea pig rescue near you with a simple Google or Facebook search and offer your support this holiday season.

Your support doesn’t have to be monetary, you can offer your time to volunteer or maybe bring a bag of lettuce. Guinea pig rescues may even have an Amazon or donation wish list available. Even sharing and interacting with their social media posts can be helpful to spread the word.

If you are able to participate, please consider using #SeasonOfGuinea to share this effort with those who might want to join the movement.

Your contribution to helping guinea pigs in need is invaluable and makes a huge difference in their life.

Guinea pigs might just be a small part of our life. But to them, we are their whole life.