DIY Boredom Buster Gift for Guinea Pigs

This is my favorite DIY boredom buster for my guinea pigs! They had an absolute blast getting their treats.

It’s made out of paper bag (plain craft paper), which is OK for guinea pigs to nibble and digest. Of course if they start to eat it as food, remove and give more hay. Otherwise, this is a great boredom buster to chew on.

Cut the top of the paper bag off.

Using a hole punch (if you don’t have one, you can use a pen, a skewer, or even use scissors to cut strips instead), poke holes all around the bag.

The more holes, the more treats they will smell and it’ll make it easier for them!

Add your guinea pigs’ favorite treats. I used lettuce and a carrot. You can also make this using hay or hay bisquits.

I sinched the top, tied it with twine (also OK for guinea pigs to chew in small amounts).

For an added touch, I made this paper bag bow and strung the twine through the back and tied another knot.

There it is! Your guinea pigs will be so curious to see what’s inside.

If you make this bag, tag me on social. I’d love to see it! @guineapigcarecenter


Reply to @quackersvd this is my favorite diy to date. they had a blast getting their treats! #guineapigs #guineapiglove

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