DIY Chewable Bow for Guinea Pigs

Here’s how to to make a tapeless, chewable bow for guinea pigs. It’s made out of paper bag (plain craft paper), which is OK for guinea pigs to nibble and digest. Of course if they start to eat it as food, remove and give more hay. Otherwise, this is a great boredom buster to chew on.

Cut out a strip of a paper bag or craft paper. Fold in half, then draw this “fish-looking” design. The fish’s “lips” should be on the fold.

This is what it should look like once it’s unfolded.

Cut a slit halfway up between the “head” and “fin”. Then on the other side, cut a slit halfway down.

The slits should slide together like a puzzle piece.

To hold the center of the bow flat, I cut another long strip of craft paper and began to fold it tightly around the middle, at least three wraps. I tucked the excess in the back.

This is ready for your guinea pigs to nibble on or add to their gift!

If you make this bow, tag me on social. I’d love to see it! @guineapigcarecenter


I’m adding this bow to my guinea pigs’ presents! so cute!! #guineapigs #diy

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