DIY Ultimate Christmas Tree for Guinea Pigs

Making your guinea pigs’ habitat more festive doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s how to make the ULTIMATE DIY Christmas tree chew toy with treats out of cardboard.

Find a piece of plain cardboard and sketch of a tree. (hint: three triangles with the tip overlapping the bottom of the lower triangle)

Yes, plain cardboard is okay to be chewed on by guinea pigs. Do not use colored or laminated cardboard.

Cut two trees. (Tip: Cut the first one, and then trace it for the second one to get an exact copy!)

Cut two thick slits in the trees. One from the bottom, the other from the top.

Slide the tree with the bottom slit ontop of the tree with the top slit. It should stand by itself!

Time to decorate!

I cut small slits in the tree branches so I can string twine as garland (twine is OK for guinea pigs to chew in small amounts). For an added touch, I strung carrots through the twine.

I used clothespins to hold up the ornaments (aka lettuce!) Then I also hung lettuce over the twine garland too.

I added these DIY craft paper bows.

Add a banana as the topper and it looks amazing! Feel free to be innovative and find your own ways to decorate your tree.

If you make this tree, tag me on social. I’d love to see it! @guineapigcarecenter


the ultimate guinea pig Christmas tree chew toy! how would you decorate yours? #guineapig #guineapigsoftiktok

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