3 ways to celebrate National Responsible Pet Owner Month with your guinea pigs

February is National Responsible Pet Owner Month. Any pet, small or large, deserves a responsible owner and should be celebrated.

How do I become a responsible guinea pig owner?

There’s no such thing as the perfect guinea pig parent, but what makes a guinea pig parent responsible is their willingness do the right thing for their guinea pigs and continuously learn. Look for advice from top guinea pig experts like the LA Guinea Pig Rescue, Scotty’s Animals, and others and take their advice. Make sure your guinea pigs have buddies, the recommended cage size (or bigger!), a varied diet with tons of hay, and seek out medical treatment when you notice they are sick.

1. Upgrade your care

What better way to celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Month by learning more about guinea pig care? Challenge yourself to watch at least one (or more!) educational video about guinea pigs.

Need some recommendations? Try these:

2. Share your great care

One of the reasons why guinea pigs become unintentionally neglected or abused is the lack of common knowledge about their care. People simply don’t realize how much care is involved. Share a picture of your two guinea pigs and their large cage on Instagram! Even if your friends don’t have or don’t care about guinea pigs, they might retain a fun nugget of info so when they do have a friend who gets guinea pigs they can either share or refer them to you to ask more questions about how to properly care for guinea pigs.

3. Give your furry friends an extra snack

This is your guinea pigs’ favorite thing on this list–they will not refuse it! They love their snacks. Maybe an extra carrot (carrots are considered dessert for guinea pigs!) or an extra piece of lettuce. They’ll thank you for being a responsible pet owner by eating it fast and leaving several presents (poop!), which you’ll have to clean up… LOL! 😀

Guinea pigs’ favorite foods

(bonus!) 4. Support a guinea pig rescue

If you are able, please consider supporting a guinea pig rescue in any way you can. Donations or volunteering would be a huge help as they try to find responsible owners to give the rescue piggies their forever home.