My Review: Bunny Lawn

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Update 8/15/22 – Admittedly, I forgot to water it during vacation and it’s been dead for a few months. For some reason, the dead grass even looks green. Seems odd to me? I might just try growing my own in the future.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Doggie Lawn’s Bunny Lawn is great for guinea pigs too.

My four guinea pigs got the chance to try the Grande Bunny Lawn in May 2022. Shipping was very fast, and rightfully so because it’s alive, growing grass! You have to take it out of the box within the first day so keep an eye on your delivery notifications if it delivers anywhere other than your doorstep.

How to use the Bunny Lawn

I just took the top of the box off (grass is pre-grown, full and green) and placed it in the cage or on the floor during free-roaming.

Note: Grass should be fed to guinea pigs in moderation. If this is their first time eating grass, only give them a few minutes on the lawn to start out so it doesn’t upset their tummies. As their digestive system gets used to it, you can let them graze longer. Grass is not a substitute for their Timothy Hay diet. Learn more about how much grass to feed a guinea pig.

Previously, my guinea pigs have only tried a few nibbles of wheatgrass. When I asked Doggie Lawn what type of grass they used, they answered: “Our Bunny Lawn is made of hydroponic grass. It is grown in California and is dirt-less. It looks like regular soil but is not crumbly, which creates a nice cushiony-absorbent base. That makes it cleaner than traditional sod. Regardless of the season, this sod also looks green all year round!”

It’s a snack that keeps growing. Grass doesn’t need much to be maintained, just a few sprinkles of water.

Why I like the Bunny Lawn

Real grass is a fan favorite of guinea pigs, but it’s not readily accessible where I live in the Southwest USA or if you live in a apartment. Even if we had grass lawns here, I would be concerned about pesticides or the chemicals from a lawn mower. Even if you don’t use chemicals, if your neighbor sprays, it could blow onto your grass. Plus, if we went outside, I’d worry about predators (birds, cats, coyotes) or accidental spooking. Having a separate box gives me peace of mind that my guinea pigs are safe.

It comes in two sizes, 12″x9″ (petite) and 24″x9″ (grande). Both of these are relatively large in comparison to a guinea pig. 1*-2 guinea pigs will have plenty of fun with the petite size. If you have 4 or more guinea pigs who like their personal space when they eat, the grande size would be great. It also fits perfectly in a C&C cage.

*It is not recommended to keep guinea pigs alone. Read more about why guinea pigs need a buddy.

Things to think about

I have a reputation for not being able to grow anything (hence another reason why I need to buy a box of grass), so I was able to keep this alive for almost two weeks. I probably needed to water it more, but I have a history of overwatering other plans so I didn’t want to do it so often for the grass. In hindsight, I see in the listing to “mist occasionally.” I think that would be easier for me next time to put water in a spray bottle. (update: I tried watering it again after I wrote it and I can already tell it’s growing back!)

This box is advertised as a “grass potty box just for [bunnies]” to “loll around on.” Only the reviews and a picture give an indication about animals actually eating the grass. I couldn’t find much info online on hydroponic grass and guinea pigs besides GuineaDad making a hydroponic pasture. So I was originally unsure, but it looks like the only difference between traditional grass is that it doesn’t use soil. I would’ve liked for the listing to mention something about how it is safe for bunnies and guinea pigs to eat (or maybe I missed it?) because there is no way a guinea pig is capable of lounging on something that looks so delicious without eating it. I was glad that they do advertise pesticide free though, which reassured me.

In conclusion,

I liked the Bunny Lawn, my guinea pigs would want to try it again this time with misting the lawn every day to see if that makes it last longer. I’ll update this article if I am able to!