What if my guinea pigs don’t eat veggies?

It’s common for guinea pigs purchased at a pet store to not eat veggies because they are fed little to none from the breeding facility to the store. Fresh veggies are 10-20% of a guinea pig’s diet so it’s important that they start to eat it. Try hiding pieces of veggies in their hay orContinue reading “What if my guinea pigs don’t eat veggies?”

Guinea pig favorite foods

Guinea pigs can be picky, no doubt about it! Here are some favorite foods of theirs to try. Note: if a guinea pig doesn’t like something, you can always put the food in their hidey for a few hours and see if they get curious enough to take a nibble.  If your guinea pig isContinue reading “Guinea pig favorite foods”

How to make a DIY cage for guinea pigs

A “C&C cage” is one of the best (and cheapest) cage options for guinea pigs. C&C stands for “Cubes and Coroplast.” It is assembled using 14-inch wire storage cube grids and connectors (or zip ties) with a waterproof lining (coroplast) at the bottom. You can buy these in a premade set (assembly still required) fromContinue reading “How to make a DIY cage for guinea pigs”

Are hay racks safe?

Hay racks are sold at every pet store. Does that mean it’s safe? Not necessarily. Lot’s of pet stores sell unsafe pet items. Let’s look at the controversy surrounding hay racks. Disclaimer: This is my opinion based on the research and critical thinking I’ve done. Please do your own research to make your own decisionContinue reading “Are hay racks safe?”

Is the Snak Shak safe?

The Snak Shak claims to be an “edible, hideaway” for small pets, like guinea pigs. But there has been some confusion on whether or not it is safe for guinea pigs. The two biggest areas of concern are the use of sawdust and honey. Sawdust Sawdust should never be used for guinea pig bedding becauseContinue reading “Is the Snak Shak safe?”

The detrimental consequences of too small a cage

Disclaimer: This article may be too graphic for young children. Please proceed with caution.  Guinea pigs need larger cages than what chain pet stores sell. This is because their ancestors lived in large open plains and darted around to find food and shelter. They don’t burrow or sit in one place. Having too small ofContinue reading “The detrimental consequences of too small a cage”

Guinea Pig Care Guide

It’s important for anyone who is thinking about getting a live pet to know what they are getting into before bringing the animal home. Let’s do a quick overview of what to expect with a guinea pig as a pet. Social Guinea pigs are social creatures by nature. They need someone to talk to inContinue reading “Guinea Pig Care Guide”

How do my guinea pigs get their vitamin C?

Guinea pigs love their fresh veggies! They do not make their own vitamin C, so to prevent a deficiency, fresh veggies are the easiest and best way to get them their vitamin C! ¼ of a bell pepper contains all of their vitamin C for the day! Daily staples include lettuce (romaine, green leaf, redContinue reading “How do my guinea pigs get their vitamin C?”

What pellets should I buy?

Most guinea pig pellets at the pet store are not healthy for guinea pigs. Take time to read the ingredients of any pellet before you buy. If it looks good to you, it’s not good for them. Pet food companies do not market their product to the animal, they market to humans. You’ll notice thatContinue reading “What pellets should I buy?”