DIY Christmas Tree Chew Toy for Guinea Pigs

Making your guinea pigs’ habitat more festive doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s how to make a DIY Christmas tree chew toy out of cardboard. Looking for the ULTIMATE Christmas Tree with ornaments? Find a piece of plain cardboard and sketch of a tree. (hint: three triangles with the tip overlapping the bottom of theContinue reading “DIY Christmas Tree Chew Toy for Guinea Pigs”

DIY Guinea Pig Paw Print Ornament

These paw prints of my guinea pigs are a cute addition to my Christmas Tree! Here’s how I made them. This recipe is adapted from Cali Cavy Collective. Ingredients: 4 tbsp cornstarch8 tbsp baking soda6 tbsp water(Makes about 10 1.5-inch ornaments) In a small pan over low heat, slowly mix all ingredients together. It’ll beContinue reading “DIY Guinea Pig Paw Print Ornament”