How to keep your guinea pig cage from smelling

Guinea Pigs only smell when you don’t take care of them. Here are 4 tips to keep the smell down.

Frequent cleaning

Guinea pig cages should be cleaned at least once a week, or sooner if your guinea pig is extra dirty or you have a sensitive nose. See “What bedding should I use?”

Spot clean

Spot cleaning is sweeping up the poop once or twice a day. You can use a mini dust pan or vaccum. 

Layered Pee Pads

If you use fleece bedding, layer extra fleece pee pads on top of your main liner. You can switch these out more frequently.

Litter train

Guinea pigs cannot be 100% litter trained, but there’s a way to catch most of it. Guinea pigs like to poop where they eat, so you’ll want to make a guinea pig kitchen. This is where all of their food is in the same place. You’ll be able to clean the litter box frequently which can keep the smell down. See “What litter should I use?”

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